The Due North® Procare Boot Brush is ideal for anyone who wants to clean up their favorite pair of shoes and bring them back to life with a fresh, new look. This 4-way boot brush works great on a variety of different shoes ranging from every day casual shoes to the more industrial work boots. Whether you're scrubbing out a tough, stubborn stain or just brushing off a light layer of dirt, this unique boot brush is perfect for any job.

Procare Boot Brush

Procare Boot Brush

Product Features:
  • Brass/Nylon Bristles life and brush surface drift away. Works great on tough stains.

  • Soft Rubber Nubs clean light colored suede and nubucks while gently raising nap for a healthy look.

  • Rubber Blade cleans lug soles and tough to reach grooves and crevices.

  • Beaded Crescent Edge brightens stitching. Cleans out caked-on dirt form welds and lug soles.








The Due North® Procare Boot Brush works great! I use it on almost every pair of shoes I own. It's a great tool to keep your shoes clean and looking like brand new. Everyone should have one of these great brushes."
- Don Knutson - Roseville, Minnesota

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