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Ice Diamond™ Replacement Spikes

Ice Diamond™ Replacement Spikes

The Due North® Ice Diamond™ Replacement Spikes are designed specifically for use on all Due North® winter traction aid products. They are intended to replace lost, broken or worn spikes to maintain optimal traction.


Product Features:
  • Long lasting made with Tungsten Carbide, which is ten times stronger, wears longer, is inherently spark resistant and retains its ice piercing edge better than steel.

  • Superior traction each Ice Diamond™ spike works independently, piercing uneven surface contours to provide the ultimate grip on ice and packed snow.

  • Easy to replace simply push replacement spike from the inside to the outside of the sole to replace spikes.

  • Conveniently available in packs of 6 and 100.

Model Number Description
V3550670-O/S Ice Diamonds 100 Pk Clam
V3550770-O/S Ice Diamonds 6 Pk
V3550870-O/S AP Retention Strap-O/S
V3550970-O/S Pouch Belt-O/S
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